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The way we’re working isn’t working.

In a world of increasing demand and diminishing resources, people are working more hours, spending more time outside work tethered to digital devices, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritize. As a result, they’re increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed, and disengaged. It’s not a sustainable way of working for individuals or for organizations.

  • 74% of employees are experiencing a personal energy crisis
from a subset of The Energy Audit, taken by over 150,000 people worldwide

We help people and companies design a better way of working.

Science tells us that we perform at our best when we move regularly between expending and renewing energy. Rather than trying to get more out of people, the most sustainable companies invest in meeting their employees’ core needs so they’re freed, fueled and inspired to bring more of themselves to work every day.

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Organizational Transformation

The Energy Project transformed Albemarle into an organization with a culture of sustainable high performance.

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Share how to create a better way of working

Join us and share these principles that are creating a better way of working!

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Why You Hate Work

Read the article in The New York Times that reveals the results from our joint survey with Harvard Business Review!

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Leadership 500 Excellence Awards

The Energy Project has been recognized as one of the top ten 2015 Leadership 500 Excellence Award winners for the PeopleFuel curriculum.

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Keep Your Employees Out Of The Survival Zone!

Read up on the latest data quantifying the impact of the challenges we’re facing at work, and gain valuable insights into how managing energy is the key to sustainable high performance!

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From the Blog

Read the latest from The Energy Project CEO and performance expert, Tony Schwartz

The Power of Starting With ‘Yes’

When a leader starts with “no,” he shuts down others. At an emotional level, the word “no” translates as “I don’t value what you’re saying,” and “I don’t trust you.” Fear, anger or resignation set in, all of which kill creativity, increase distrust and discourage engagement.