we are energy champions

We partner with organizations, coaches, and individuals, to create workplaces that are healthier, happier, and higher performing.

What Is The Energy Project

we have a different value proposition

A workplace that really works begins with employers and employees truly valuing and investing in one another.

conventional wisdom

  • Get more out of people
  • Build competency
  • Manage time
  • Life is a marathon
  • Downtime is wasted time
  • Become a Leader
  • Will and discipline are the key to change that lasts

our wisdom

  • Invest more in people
  • Build capacity
  • Manage energy
  • Life is a series of sprints
  • Downtime is productive time
  • Become a Chief Energy Officer
  • Building rituals is the key to change that lasts

meet the team

We’re passionate about bringing the principles and practices that have changed our own lives to you and your organization.