Author: Tony Schwartz

The Rhythm of Great Performance

But there is an antidote to fatigue and its impact on competence. Not surprisingly, it’s rest. Among 16 potential daily activities — including eating, praying, relaxing and exercising — napping had far and away the biggest impact on reducing fatigue.


Care Is the X Factor at Work

It’s no surprise that the most powerful influence on people’s engagement at work is the experience of feeling genuinely cared for by their direct supervisor. Feeling valued is critical to our well-being from infancy.


Rituals for Prioritizing Amidst Demand

It was a Saturday morning, and there was nothing I urgently needed to accomplish. But there was a lot I hoped to do. Over breakfast, the possibilities began to clamor for attention in my brain. I wanted to continue reading The New York Times. I also wanted to work out, run a series of errands, ch. . .