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Beating Back Pain

The second reason I’ve shared my story is to point out how much the power of fear – which we generate ourselves — can take control of our lives. Had I not taken on my fear and deliberately confronted my pain, I have no doubt I would be even more disabled today than I was at my worst two months ago.


The Overlooked Secret to Great Performance

Just as we underestimate how much these sources of fuel influence our performance, so do the organizations for which we work. Few companies or leaders I’ve encountered systematically focus on, and invest in, how their employees feel, even though doing so would serve their bottom line.


We're in a New Energy Crisis. This One is Personal.

I often begin talks by asking my audience three questions: “How many of you would say that demand in your lives has increased significantly during the past several years?” “How many of you,” I ask next, “expect that demand in your lives is going to get even greater during the next several years?”. . .