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A Purpose Beyond Profit

For years, I’ve listened to chief executives of large companies pay dutiful lip service to concepts like corporate social responsibility, investing in the communities they operate in, treating employees as their most precious asset and living their values. Mostly, it comes off as so much canned p. . .


More Mindfulness, Less Meditation

There is a difference between mindfulness meditation and simple mindfulness. The latter isn’t a practice separate from everyday life. Mindfulness just means becoming more conscious of what you’re feeling, more intentional about your behaviors and more attentive to your impact on others.


What We All Can Learn From Trauma Survivors

“It’s getting really bad out here,” the CEO of a large food company told me last week over lunch. “The head of one of our divisions committed suicide last week. A day later we had a senior executive die of a heart attack. I see marriages breaking up, people screaming at each other, behaviors you . . .