Finding Strength in Humility

When leaders openly accept the whole of who they are – for better and for worse – they no longer have to defend their value so vigilantly. I make missteps and mistakes as a leader, and they’re often a reflection of the same overused strengths and blind spots I’ve been struggling with my whole life.


Manage Fatigue in a Nonstop World With a Nap

I didn’t get enough sleep one night recently. I realize that’s scarcely a big confession, but it’s a rare event for me. Because I’m acutely aware of how critical sleep is to my mood, focus, creativity and even my motivation, I’m usually vigilant about getting the sleep I require to wake up fully . . .


If You Feel Compelled to Do Something, Don’t

For a week, I kept notes about two different columns I was thinking of writing. When I finally sat down to try to write the first one, the notes had disappeared from my computer. My first response was astonishment, then panic, and then the odd sense that I’m sure you’ve experienced at some point: . . .