What It Takes to Fully Engage Your Employees

Feb 17, 2017

Over the 15 years I’ve been consulting in the corporate world, I’ve only met a handful of senior leaders who had as a primary goal for their companies making a positive difference in the world.

Surely, there are more such people, including a good number who are highly philanthropic outside their work. Still, as best as I can tell, higher purpose is not a common characteristic of the corporate world.

I don’t say this to bash business, nor to make a moral case for why leaders ought to focus more on serving the greater good. I fully understand that a primary obligation of any business is to earn a profit, and that without one, nothing else is possible. I also know that no amount of righteous haranguing is going to prompt leaders to fully embrace priorities beyond the bottom line.

But what if they believed that articulating and embracing a nobler purpose would help them to attract, inspire and retain better employees, and ultimately make their companies more profitable?

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