To successfully transform your business, start by transforming your people.

During the past decade, 87% of companies have undertaken a business transformation.
75% of those transformations failed.

The Energy Project is a global consultancy focused on the invisible human factors that stand in the way of organizational transformation and sustainable high performance. In an increasingly demanding and complex business environment, we help individuals and organizations build capacity by managing their energy more skillfully, challenging their current beliefs and seeing through their blind spots.

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We help your people build capacity physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in order to better manage relentlessly rising demand.

Resistance is why transformation doesn’t succeed even when strategy is dead on.

Tony Schwartz
Founder & CEO
The Energy Project

Abbe Luersman
Chief Human Resources Officer
Ahold Delhaize

Russell Dubner
President & Chief Executive Officer
Edelman United States

Energizing today’s most forward-thinking companies and their people.

Transform your business by transforming how your people think and feel.
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