Fuel Better:
A Manifesto

Managing your energy is the key to sustainable high performance – especially during a crisis.

What’s Holding You Back?

In a fiercely difficult business environment, organizations are understandably focused on the outer game – strategy, operations, digital transformation and new sources of revenue. What they undervalue is the inner game – the energy, emotions, beliefs, biases, and blind spots that so influence the outer game.

Leaders and teams across the world find themselves feeling overwhelmed, distracted, disengaged, and deeply anxious about the future.

To successfully address the challenges they’re facing, organizations require not just more physical and emotional resilience from their people, but also a more complex and nuanced level of thinking.

What Fuels Better

The most fundamental challenge for each of us is to manage our own energy more skillfully: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Human beings perform best and most efficiently when we move rhythmically between expending and recovering energy.

When we’re working, we want to fire on all cylinders.

When we’re not working, we must truly renew and refuel.

The best measure of productivity is not the number of hours we work. It’s how much focused energy we bring to whatever hours we work.

From our best to even better

When we’re operating at our best, we can feel it in our bones. We have deep reservoirs of energy.  We’re absorbed, positive, and optimistic.  We have more resolve and greater generosity of spirit. We call it the Performance Zone.

But unleashing our best is just the starting place.  In a wholly new business environment, it’s also critical to up our game, to make our best much better. That means growing as an individual, manager, or leader, but above all as a human being, by embracing a deeper, wider, and longer perspective.

For nearly two decades The Energy Project has been committed to helping people and organizations perform and transform sustainably. Perhaps never before has the way we manage ourselves mattered more.

Each one of us has the power to fuel better, feel better and add more value in the world.

We believe in:

Outcomes over hours

Absorbed focus, real renewal

Leaders as Chief Energy Officers

Taking personal responsibility for how you feel

Scheduling time for reflection and creative thinking

Seeing more, excluding less.


Disruption, Meet Your Match

We can help you embed a systematic approach to resilience across your organization to combat burnout and help your people thrive.

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