Matthew Parker

Director, Product Strategy and Development

Matt Parker

Matt Parker is the Director of Product Strategy and Development at The Energy Project and is responsible for producing digital solutions designed to help employees boost energy, increase capacity and avoid burnout. In addition to driving the execution of the company’s award-winning app, GetFueled, his recent work includes spearheading the development of The Energy Project’s online learning academy, which provides video-based, on-demand instruction of energy management principles and practices.

Prior to joining The Energy Project, Matt led teams at several marketing organizations, being tasked with opening new divisions, departments and offices for companies such as Digitas, Fidelity and Siteworx. With an entrepreneurial background spanning over 20 years, he has launched successful products, campaigns and online experiences for a diverse roster of global brands, including Samsung, Pfizer, American Express, Time Warner Cable, Best Buy, Citibank, Allstate, and the NBA.


“Over the years, I’ve worked at marketing agencies where relentlessly high demand was business as usual. I’ve seen the impact of this firsthand as incredibly talented people floundered and burned out. And so, I take great pleasure in being part of a business that is devoted to helping employees fuel tanks, fight stress and maximize performance.

– Matt Parker

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