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How we work with organizations

It’s an inside job

In a world of relentless change, transformation is no longer a one-time undertaking. It’s an ongoing imperative. If your organization isn’t transforming, it’s almost surely falling behind.

More than half of CEOs say they’ve undertaken a business transformation in the past two years, but the research consistently shows that only 30 per cent of them succeed.

Why do change efforts so often fall short?

Most leaders invest the vast majority of their time and energy in the external work of transformation, leaving out at least half of what’s required to drive successful transformation and sustainable high-performance.

The other half is the inner game, which is the focus of our work with organizations. Specifically, we address what’s going on inside people and how it influences the way they show up on the outside.

Our programs

In all our work, we strive to help individuals, teams, organizations, and their leaders to see there is a wiser, richer, more satisfying way to live and lead. Each of our programs builds their internal capacity by helping them see more, feel more, and avoid less – so they can become more effective and whole human beings in all dimensions of their lives. Learn more about our programs with the links below.





The Organizational Quadrants

The Organizational Quadrants below are composed of the four key elements necessary to change a human system:

  • Structures & Processes: Organizational change initiatives typically start here, with a focus on building structure and process around a strategy by identifying the necessary resources, defining the operational plan, and instituting new procedures and policies.
  • Behaviors & Execution: The second focus of attention for leaders in a change initiative are the people requirements, which include defining individual goals and objectives, new skills and competencies, and behaviors and practices that will be required.
  • Feelings & Beliefs: This is where the majority of our work happens – where leaders examine what  influences their behavior, mostly outside their awareness: beliefs, biases, habits, fears, and rationalizations.
  • Culture & Alignment: This is the organizational culture – defined by its values, purpose, norms and expectations, and climate. Culture is set most of all by the leaders who most influence how people across the organization feel, individually and collectively. That’s the ultimate X-factor in bringing any organizational strategy to life, successfully and sustainably.

Transformations begin with defining a strategy

Too many leaders make what psychologists call “the fundamental attribution error.” That’s the tendency to attribute the shortcomings of others to their personal limitations, and to believe that their own missteps are caused by external forces beyond their control.

When leaders can look inside and role-model qualities such as openness, vulnerability, self-awareness, accountability, empathy and curiosity, they liberate the free flow of their own energy. The impact is contagious

A performance culture asks, “How much energy can we mobilize tactically?” and the answer is finite. A growth culture asks, “How much energy can we liberate together?” and the answer is infinite.

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