Our Approach

The Energy Project’s unique, science-based approach operates at the intersection of well-being and high performance. We help our clients get more done in less time, with a higher level of focus, in a more sustainable way.

The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working.

In a fiercely challenging business environment, organizations are understandably focused on the external keys to success – strategy, operations, sales, marketing, and digital transformation.

Most organizations give far less attention to how their people are feeling, which profoundly influences how effectively and sustainably they perform. And how their beliefs, biases, blindspots and mindset invisibly influence the way they show up every day.

Leaders and teams everywhere are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, distracted, and deeply anxious about the future.

Organizations must take better care of their employees, so their employees can take better care of themselves, and business.

When Demand Exceeds Our Capacity

The most fundamental challenge each of us faces, at work and at home, is to balance taking care of others with taking care of ourselves. As demand exceeds capacity in our lives, many of us don’t do well at either one.

But what if you, and others in your organization, were more rested and fully fueled, responded to challenges less reactively and automatically, focused in a more absorbed and prioritized way, and showed up for work with more passion and purpose?

The Four Dimensions of Energy

For two decades, The Energy Project has worked with the world’s leading companies to help their employees cultivate the internal resources they need to more skillfully manage their energy across four dimensions: physical (quantity), emotional (quality), mental (focus), and spiritual (purpose).

The best measure of productivity is not the number of hours we work. It’s how much focused energy we bring to whatever hours we work.

We Are Not Machines

More, bigger, faster for longer is the mantra of the modern workplace, but it’s a formula for burnout and breakdown. Human beings aren’t designed to operate like computers – at high speeds, for long periods, running multiple programs at the same time.

Fire on All Cylinders

When we’re operating at our best, we can feel it in our bones. We have deep reservoirs of energy. We’re positive, fully engaged, resilient, and laser-focused. We have more resolve, and greater generosity of spirit. We call this the Performance Zone.

When we’re not working, we need to truly rest and recharge. We call this the Renewal Zone.

Fuel Better.

Human beings perform best and most sustainably when we move rhythmically between the expenditure of energy and the intermittent renewal of energy – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

What We Believe

Outcomes over hours

Absorbed focus, real renewal

Leaders as Chief Energy Officers

Take personal responsibility for how you feel and how you show up

Schedule time to rest, reflect, refuel and prioritize

Seeing more, excluding less.


Energize Your Organization

Tell us more about your needs and our team will reach out to schedule a call. We’re ready to discuss solutions to help your people better manage their energy, build resilience, and perform at their best.