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Rituals for Prioritizing Amidst Demand

It was a Saturday morning, and there was nothing I urgently needed to accomplish. But there was a lot I hoped to do. Over breakfast, the possibilities began to clamor for attention in my brain. I wanted to continue reading The New York Times. I also wanted to work out, run a series of errands, ch. . .


In Praise of Depth

The reality is that we each have limited working memories, meaning we can only retain a certain amount of new information in our minds at any given time. If we’re forever flooding the brain with new facts, other information necessarily gets crowded out before it’s been retained in our long-term memo


Six Keys to Changing Almost Anything

Change is hard. New Year's resolutions almost always fail. But at The Energy Project, we have developed a way of making changes that has proved remarkably powerful and enduring, both in my own life and for the corporate clients to whom we teach it. Our method is grounded in the recognition that h. . .