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The Energy Project engages with organizations who are struggling to execute a strategy, achieve a goal or fuel higher performance. Our focus is on the often invisible human roadblocks that stand in the way. We draw on neuroscience, physiology, psychology, and perennial philosophy to provide a uniquely integrated method for addressing human performance challenges.

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Case Study Global Software and Services Pioneer
Refocusing energy to reduce turnover.

“PeopleFuel is Change Fuel. It radically changed my team’s mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.” - Head of Customer Service

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Case Study Multinational Retail Organization
Energizing a checked out workforce.

A large multinational retail organization came to us seeking to build a sustainably high-performing culture amidst relentlessly rising demand and complexity. This was especially critical in the face of a large merger that caused uncertainty and anxiety in a population that was already stressed and stretched.

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Case Study Global Manufacturing Company
Becoming a Chief Energy Officer.

The CEO of a Global Manufacturing Company came to The Energy Project for coaching services because, faced with conflicting personal and professional priorities, he recognized he was on the road to burnout.

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Case Study Schneider Electric
Building a culture of well-being.

In 2015, Schneider Electric made individual employee well-being an organizational mission to enable sustainable high performance.

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Case Study Large Healthcare Organization
Sustainably support passion and purpose.

A mission-driven large healthcare organization came to The Energy Project with a highly motivated and passionate staff who were on the road to burnout in support of their patients.

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Case Study European Leading Bank
From energy crisis to culture turnaround.

The biggest challenge the bank faced was that over 70% of employees felt that management did not value them.

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Case Study Solarcentury
Dramatic transformation in pursuit of sustainable high performance.

For the company to realize its vision, there needed to be a dramatic shift in energy, focus, and results.

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