Global Manufacturing Company

The CEO of a Global Manufacturing Company initially came to us for executive coaching because, faced with conflicting personal and professional priorities, he recognized he was on the road to burnout and suspected that if he was heading in that direction, his employees might be also. As the Chief Energy Officer™, he had a disproportionate impact, and therefore a unique opportunity to influence people’s level of energy and performance during a period of intense organizational change.

Key Challenges:

  • Manage conflict and change in the middle of a large acquisition and office move.
  • Reduce human error and prevent safety hazards.
  • Shift decision making from a highly-centralized model to one of empowerment and autonomy.

Energy Objectives:

  • Address overwhelm, stress, depletion, and fear.
  • Increase creativity and innovation.
  • Fuel employees with more sustainable energy.
  • Work with more intentionality rather than “fire-fighting.”
  • Reduce silos by increasing transparent communication and collaboration.
  • Empower employees to make more autonomous decisions.

Our Solution:

We coached the CEO to manage his own energy first, in order to become a better role model, then, we conducted The Energy Audit for Organizations™ to map the company’s Energy Ecosystem and assess how well current policies, practices, messaging, facilities, and leader behaviors were contributing to overall capacity and performance.

To address existing energy blocks, we rolled out a series of Energy Interventions including PeopleFuel™, LeaderFuel™, and PeopleFuel for the Frontline™ to arm employees at all levels and functions with strategies to manage their own energy. To further embed our content into the culture, we held Train the Trainer programs so that internal champions could facilitate and scale our effort.

Finally, with the move of the organization’s headquarters, we conducted The Energy Audit for Workspaces™ to assess how employees were currently using their space, and determine the best way to create an energized environment.

Client Results: 

  • Created “Safety Moments” and “Energy Moments” to highlight when things go right, and to recognize employees’ positive energy management behaviors.
  • Created “Energy Spaces” at sites to promote daytime rest and renewal.
  • Nominated Energy Champions at each location to reinforce learning and help teams intentionally manage their energy.
  • Created a new performance management system to support positive behavior change.
  • Created an Energy Change Council and Advisory Board to take on new energy management initiatives to transform the culture long term.
Global Manufacturing Company
“I just felt that no matter what I was doing, I was always getting pulled somewhere else. It seemed like I was always cheating someone - my company, my family, myself. I couldn’t truly focus on anything.” - CEO
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