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One of the world’s largest technology companies decided to make the biggest change to its business model in its history, resulting in a radical transformation agenda.

Key Challenges:

  • The environment for people ranged from massively increased demands to conflicting objectives such as preserving existing revenues versus rapidly building the new model.
  • The market demand for its most talented people was high, leading to an increased “brain drain.”

Energy Objectives:

  • Create a “transformation fuel” program that gave leaders and teams ideas and tools to manage change.
  • Fuel a measurable shift to a more agile mindset among leaders and their teams.
  • Reduce the annual loss of high potential employees from 25% to 5%.

Our Solution:

Energy Interventions included delivering PeopleFuel™ and LeaderFuel™ workshops to the top 800 leaders, with additional coaching and communications activity.

To sustain the learnings and expand them into the larger culture, a Champions community was created to share tools among teams. Keynotes and webinars on energy management were delivered to the wider organization to ensure each employee had foundational energy management knowledge. The HR team was coached to embody the transformational mindset, in order to embed the practices of energy management into the culture.

Client Results:

  • Over 3 years, the entire organization had some experience of our work.
  • Average of 94% satisfaction rating among participants.
  • Turnover of high potentials decreased from 25% in year 1, to 8% in year to 2, to 3% in year 3.
  • The transformation was highly successful and our work was consistently cited as a key factor by senior leaders.
Decreasing high potentials turnover from 25% to 3%.
“PeopleFuel is Change Fuel. It radically changed my team’s mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.”
- Head of Customer Service
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