Sustainably support passion and purpose.

Healthcare organizations sometimes over-rely on their strong sense of purpose to power through physical, emotional, and mental energy depletion, often at a high personal and professional cost.
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A large, mission-driven healthcare organization came to us for help re-energizing a passionate and committed group of employees who were on the road to burnout by virtue of their deep commitment to their patients.


Key Challenges:

– Employees were relying on spiritual energy – the energy of purpose – to fuel their other dimensions of energy.
– Employees were working long hours, continuously, without breaks.
– Employees sacrificed rest and renewal – in and out of the office – as a strategy to manage their workload.
– Employees and leaders alike were feeling overwhelmed, resulting in a diminished quality of work.


Energy Objectives:

– Reduce burnout and turnover.
– Increase quality of work.
– Increase resilience and retention.


Our Solution:

After assessing the key energy challenges, we rolled out a series of Energy Interventions including PeopleFuel and LeaderFuel for department leaders. Employees were encouraged to make energy management a priority in order to better and more sustainably serve their patients. Finally, we initiated a Train the Trainer program to scale the effort across the organization.


Client Results:

–¬†Reduced stigma of not being connected 24/7.
– Increased participants’ capacity by 30%.
– Revamped meeting culture and operating norms, increasing communication and decreasing inefficient meeting practices.
– Instituted Community Meetings to build trust and camaraderie.
– Created a value shift among leadership to allow for more daytime rest and renewal and reduced multitasking.