From energy crisis to culture turnaround.

European Leading Bank
The biggest challenge the bank faced was that over 70% of employees felt that management did not value them.
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A global financial crisis led to layoffs, leaving a leaner workforce physically burned out.


Key Challenges:

  • Senior leaders and their teams spent much of their time in the Survival Zone™, as the media and regulators intensely scrutinized their ethics, processes, and results.
  • Rising numbers of employees questioned the purpose of the organization and its place in the community.
  • Over 70% of employees felt that management did not value them.


Energy Objectives:

  • Re-establish the bank’s sense of purpose: enabling its customers to lead fulfilling lives.
  • Rebuild trust within the bank and make its employees feel safe and appreciated.
  • Create a culture of sustainable high performance.


Our Solution:

The Energy Project gave a series of keynotes to 2,000 of the most senior leaders, setting the vision of a culture that fueled employees every day, leaving them healthier, happier, more productive, and more purposeful.

A high impact 3-day workshop for the bank’s CEO and leadership team led to deep commitments to personal and team Energy Rituals and allowed high-profile role models to take on positive energy management behaviors.

One thousand of the most senior managers participated in a 1-day Leadership Energy Lab to apply energy management principles to the key issues they were facing.  Five hundred managers participated in Champion Energy Labs helping to extend the key concepts to the bank’s 60,000 employees.

We also coached the HR team so that they could inspire and manage the Champion community effectively.


Client Results:

  • 96% satisfaction rating across all activities of The Energy Project’s work.
  • Engagement scores increased by 8% in 18 months.
  • Media and regulators cited the bank as having led a “cultural turnaround.”
  • The bank adopted several energy management practices as core cultural processes – for example, 45-minute meetings, renewal rooms, healthier food, and walking circuits.