A journey for leaders at all levels

Who can you become?

CoreLeadership is a three-month journey to understand why you are the leader you are and what stands in the way of tapping into your best self.

This program focuses on the “Deeper” content in the first half of our flagship program QuantumLeap.

Core Leadership is grounded in the understanding that the more energy we spend defending our own value, the less energy we have to create value, and to tap into the best of who we are.

When we can understand all of who we are, including the parts we wish we didn’t have, we have nothing left to defend.

Only then can we freely access all four centers of our intelligence: mind, heart, body and spirit. Only then are we freed to see more, feel more, and make more fully informed choices, guided from our core.

Core Leadership is built around an intensive three-day in-person experience with your team, or with an open-enrollment cohort of peers from a range of organizations. It is followed by three months of individual coaching every other week, focused on applying the Core Leader principles and practices to your everyday leadership.

    Who should attend?

    CoreLeadership offers all leaders a deep look at what makes them who they are and who they can become.

    This program serves new leaders, emerging leaders, and experienced leaders wanting a fresh look at their leadership.

    Core Wisdom

    At the heart of our programs is a whole new operating system grounded in something we call core wisdom.


    Program overview

    • Learning in a group via an in-person immersive experience over two days and virtual sessions ongoing.
    • Individual coaching every other week to check in on your progress, explore obstacles you’ve encountered, and deepen your understanding.
    • Leadership Audit, which provides a window into what’s motivating you internally and externally, and where you still have blind spots.
    • The Enneagram assessment, an ancient personality-typing system, provides rich insight into the specific ways that you defend and assert your value, especially under stress.
    • A one-hour individual debrief of your Enneagram results with an Enneagram coach.
    • Weekly ‘experiments’ to put your learning into practice, build capacity, and tap the full range of your leadership resources in real time.
    • A confidential cohort “group chat” to share real-time insights and receive ongoing support as you try out new behaviors as a leader, and in the rest of your life.

    Our coaches

    Katherine Bailey

    Emily Pines

    Katherine Bailey

    Thurman Webb

    Jane Strong

    Eren Rosenfeld

    Areas of focus

    Shaping influences

    Why are you the person and the leader you are? What were the strongest messages you got from your parents or primary caregivers about who you should and shouldn’t be? How have they shaped your view of the world, and your behavior? What are you not seeing, and who could you become if you did?

    Introduction to your three selves

    None of us is a single self. Each of us have Child Selves, Defender Selves, and a Core Self. We operate best when our Core Self is running the show. That requires seeing through our conditioning, blind spots, biases, habits, fears, and rationalizations.

    Four centers of intelligence

    Most leaders rely largely on one center of intelligence: the mind. In reality, we have three other powerful sources of intelligence: the heart, the body, and the spirit. When our minds colonize our other centers of intelligence, we lose access to the full range of our knowledge and direct experience. Our deepest wisdom is integrative, and it can’t be deduced from a single source.

    The Enneagram

    CoreLeadership uses a powerful personality typing system to explore the nine key ways that we defend ourselves, how each of them influences our effectiveness and our relationships, and which strategies we rely on most.

    Liberation and the path forward

    What does liberation for you look like going forward? Based on more access to and understanding of your shaping influences, your key Defenders, your Core Self and your four centers of intelligence, how will you lead and live differently?

    What’s the biggest leap you need to take
    in your leadership and your life?

    We will help you take it.

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