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CHROs and Managers Improve Team Performance with TeamFuel

The Energy Project Launches TeamFuel to Help Teams Build Cohesion

Yonkers, NY (5/16/2022) – Today, The Energy Project announces their latest offering TeamFuel – a step-by-step process for teams to re-energize, evaluate current practices, and overcome their biggest challenges.

The Energy Project is the world leader in understanding the internal factors in people that fuel sustainable high performance and pioneered introducing the management of personal energy inside organizations.

Regarding TeamFuel, Tony Schwartz, New York Times best-selling author and the Founder / CEO of The Energy Project says:

“TeamFuel focuses on how teams manage energy interpersonally, in a system. At a time when collaboration is more critical than ever in accomplishing complex organizational goals, TeamFuel offers a unique set of tools for understanding the invisible factors that stand in the way of building and supporting high performance teams.”

Eric Severson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Neiman Marcus Group, expressed:

“Over the last two years, Neiman Marcus Group has invested significantly in individual leader talent attraction and development to drive organizational growth. Early on, we recognized that even if we hired and developed a team of individual champions, we would never become a championship team unless we invested in how those individual leaders work together, cross-functionally, to win.
Thanks to The Energy Project, we are a stronger, faster, more effective leadership team. Our cross-functional relationships are stronger and more trusting. We make faster, better, more aligned decisions, and this improved team performance has had a measurable impact on our teams and our business. The numbers speak for themselves: both our associate engagement and our business performance are currently the best they have been since our leadership team formed.”

TeamFuel is an 8-session journey combining teaching, discussion, and practice focused on cultivating energy and resilience in a world of increasing demand. The eight-week process gives teams the space to address key issues holding them back from operating at their best.

Key outcomes for TeamFuel participants include:
  • Fostering psychological safety to drive communication and collaboration
  • Increasing energy across four dimensions for team resilience and sustainability
  • Balancing intense tactical focus with big-picture thinking to fuel innovation
  • Identifying challenges and exploring approaches to address them proactively
  • Approaching conflicts and challenges differently to learn and grow
  • Building collective self-awareness for effective prioritization and decision-making

About The Energy Project: The Energy Project is an HR consulting firm based in Yonkers, NY. Founded in 2003, the company’s clients include Salesforce, Microsoft, and Ralph Lauren among others. We have developed unique, science-based approaches at the intersection of well-being and high performance to help our clients increase employee retention and satisfaction.

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Steve Cartagena

Director, Marketing

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