Key Ideas

Five key ideas provide the foundation for the work we do with individuals, teams, and organizations.

Key Idea 1

Four sources of energy fuel high performance.

Human beings require four sources of energy to operate at their best: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All are necessary, none is sufficient by itself.

“PeopleFuel radically changed my team’s mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.” - Head of Customer Service

Refocusing energy to reduce turnover.
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Key Idea 2

Human beings are not machines.

Rather, we're designed to move rhythmically between spending and renewing energy. By doing so, we can get more done, in less time, at a higher level of quality, in a more sustainable way.

How do you build a culture of well-being with practical tools to enable behavior change? Our solution: Energy Labs.

Building a culture of well-being.
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Key Idea 3

You can't change what you don't notice.

The vast majority of our actions occur automatically, or in response to external stimuli. The more conscious we become of how we’re feeling and of the assumptions we’re making, the more we can make intentional choices about how we want to behave. Self-awareness allows us to be more authentic and effective in relationships with others, and helps us to be more effective at work, and to add more value in the world.

“I just felt that no matter what I was doing, I was always getting pulled somewhere else. It seemed like I was always cheating someone - my company, my family, myself. I couldn’t truly focus on anything.” - CEO

Becoming a Chief Energy Officer.
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Key Idea 4

Organizations are dynamic living systems.

No single recipe or best practice is sufficient to manage a complex dynamic system. The key is to be aware of the interplay among the company’s multiple stakeholders, and the constantly changing personal dynamics between individuals. To maintain equilibrium and stability while also innovating and disrupting, it is necessary to address the system as an integrated whole, taking into account competing instincts without choosing up sides.

“The Energy Project’s content is appropriately accessible, but deep, relevant, meaningful, and eye-opening.” – PeopleFuel participant

Energizing a checked out workforce.
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Key Idea 5

A strength overused becomes a liability.

By choosing up sides – this quality is good, and that one is bad – our tendency is to overuse our preferred qualities to the point that they eventually become liabilities.

Continuous hard work, for example, eventually turns into overwork and burnout. Intermittent renewal is the antidote. Too much confidence eventually becomes arrogance, and the balancing quality is humility.

To increase our capacity, we must become more wholly human, embracing and cultivating a broader range of qualities that help us better navigate an increasingly complex world.

Healthcare organizations sometimes over-rely on their strong sense of purpose to power through physical, emotional, and mental energy depletion, often at a high personal cost.

Sustainably support passion and purpose.
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