Are you ready to

take the leap?

“The world is crying out for a different kind of leadership and a different level of humanity.”

– Tony Schwartz, Founder/CEO, The Energy Project

A leadership manifesto

What does it take to be a great leader in these times?

Who are you capable of becoming?

How can you build a more purposeful and satisfying life for yourself, and make a bigger and more meaningful contribution to those you lead, and in the world?

The answer is to tap into the full range of your resources – your mind, heart, body, and spirit. You are so much more than you think, but you can’t change what you don’t notice. How you feel internally profoundly influences the way you show up externally.

To be a great leader requires that you also become a bigger human being. That means seeing more, feeling more, and avoiding less. It requires cultivating a deeper, wider, longer-term view of the world.

Think of a newly planted tree with shallow roots. It’s forever vulnerable to the prevailing winds. When your roots run deep, you can stand firm in the face of whatever storms arise.

Growth begins with the courage and humility to look inside yourself – to reckon with the blind spots, biases, fixed beliefs, habits, and fears that stand invisibly in your way.

Only by reckoning with ourselves
can we tap into the best of who we are. 

Instead, in an effort to distance ourselves from our most uncomfortable feelings, we turn to myriad addictive distractions such as alcohol, drugs, the Internet, social media, video games, and the most sanctioned addiction of all for leaders: overwork.

We invest endless hours getting things done, without taking sufficient time for reflection, rest, and renewal. Our rhythms are rushed, rapid-fire, and relentless and our days get carved up into bits and bytes. We keep countless plates spinning, celebrating breadth rather than depth. We rarely stop to ask ourselves:

“Is this the best life I’m capable of leading?”

Each of us requires sufficient means to live in reasonable comfort and security, but accumulating ever more external resources is ultimately a fool’s errand. Filling ourselves from the outside can still leave us feeling empty on the inside. As with any addiction, seeking more and more eventually delivers less and less.

Our intrinsic goodness is a birthright that many of us don’t recognize we’ve been given. Too often, we’re driven by an unconscious agenda that supersedes all of our conscious agendas. It’s to defend our worthiness against the fear that we’re not good enough and we don’t really matter.

Paradoxically, the more energy we spend defending our value, the less energy we have to create value. Without a deeply held sense of our core worthiness, we’re vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy, envy, depression, anxiety, loneliness, disconnection, and emptiness – no matter how many resources and how much external power we’ve accumulated.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When you gather the courage to embrace all of who you are – including the parts you wish you didn’t have – you have nothing left to defend. Only then can you tap into the wisest, calmest, and most open-hearted you – your core self. Only then are you freed to take better care of yourself, and better care of others.

Leadership isn’t about exercising power. It’s about using your influence to fuel, inspire, and advocate for others – to serve the greatest possible good. When you commit to your own growth, you simultaneously serve the growth of those you lead and influence.

More than ever, leaders are called to take an evolutionary leap – to transform themselves in order to help transform a beleaguered world.

What leap do you need to take?