The Energy Audit® for Individuals

Benchmarking people’s current energy levels as the basis for improvement.

The Energy Audit® for Individuals reveals how well people are managing their own energy. Understanding one’s energy deficits is the first step in more skillfully managing energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

How It Works

Each Energy Audit® engagement begins by defining the target population and the intended outcomes. The Energy Project provides advance messaging and communications to build awareness and motivate participation. After employees take the diagnostic, they receive a report that includes their scores as well as a comprehensive debrief guide with explanations of the results and strategies for improvement. After the survey period ends, we share an aggregate report that provides a picture of the organization’s overall strengths and deficits. We also provide clients with administrator access to a dynamic dashboard to view overall results by demographic segmentations. Follow up pulse audits allow both individuals and the organization to track progress over time.

Key Results

  • Assess how individuals are taking care of their four core energy needs
  • Deepen people’s awareness around their current energy gaps
  • Build a picture of how energized the organization as a whole is across the four dimensions
  • Identify follow-up interventions such as PeopleFuel® and LeaderFuel®
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