Energy Labs

Discover new ways to optimize human performance.

Energy Labs are a unique opportunity to shift from an ‘assume and act’ to a ‘test and learn’ method of performance problem-solving. There are two key outcomes from the Labs. The first is the introduction of a clear, repeatable process for solving systemic business problems. The second outcome is rigorous data around the findings of the Lab, so the team can evaluate the impact of the experiment on their business or performance challenge.

Grounded in the science of high performance, Energy Labs help teams translate the ideas and tools taught in PeopleFuel® into new ways of working that expand and renew capacity. Energy Labs are working sessions that help us understand how to hardwire more energy, positivity, focus, creativity, trust and purpose into the fabric of daily work through data-driven experiments.

Key Results

  • Provide a repeatable data-driven method for testing long standing beliefs that create resistance to change
  • Introduce new approaches to solving complex business problems
  • Deliver qualitative and quantitative data to track performance and successes
  • Offer a variety of scientifically proven tactics for improving capacity
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