Building a culture of continuous learning, feedback and personal responsibility.

We build cultures of growth and fuel sustainable transformation by treating the organization as a living system that can and must evolve.

The Energy Project’s organizational work is guided by a core principle: the free flow of energy and information is critical to the optimal functioning of any living system. The foundation of this process is helping leaders to challenge their beliefs and cultivate a new mindset grounded in transparency, openness to feedback, and continuous learning.

A performance culture asks, “How much energy can we mobilize to reach our goals?” and the answer is only a finite amount. A culture of continuous learning asks, “How much energy can we liberate?” The answer is infinite.

– Tony Schwartz
Founder and CEO

Key Results

  • Energize the organization physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Cultivate cultures of continuous learning which treat failures and individual shortcomings as critical opportunities for growth
  • Build the capacity to solve more complex problems and enable sustainable transformations
  • Challenge current beliefs and tendencies by testing their validity
  • Embed new behaviors by identifying the invisible human resistance that stands in the way of all change
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