The Fear Factor

Building Resilience in a Time of Crisis

It makes sense to feel deeply unsettled and even overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, fear, anxiety, and panic disrupt our ability to think clearly and creatively; focus our attention on the right priorities; manage our relationships effectively; and make informed choices.

This interactive, virtual workshop, delivered in 60 and 90-minute versions, is designed to provide participants with a practical, individually customized method for tapping into the calmest, most capable and resilient part of themselves to navigate through the current storm.

Grounded in neuroscience, the session focuses first on helping participants understand what happens in their bodies and minds in the face of uncertainty and threat. Next, we explore the best tools and strategies for regulating yourself when your nervous system gets over-activated, and you move into Survival mode. Finally, we guide participants in building a longer-term self-care plan aimed at strengthening your immune system, resilience, and ongoing well-being.

Who Should Participate:

  • Leaders who need to build their own resilience to sustain clear thinking and require actionable insights to support their teams in staying calm,  focused and productive.
  • Individual contributors facing unprecedented stress, uncertainty and fear in both their professional and personal lives.

Key Results:

  • Understanding of how operating in “survival mode” – fight-or-flight – dramatically diminishes your capacity.
  • Increased awareness of your mindset and emotions (because we can’t change what we don’t notice).
  • Specific self-regulation tools and strategies to manage surges of fear and overwhelm in the moment.
  • Longer-term, ritualized self-care strategies to ensure resilience, strengthen your immune system, increase your emotional reserves, and improve the quality of the choices you make.
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Help your people manage fear and build resilience in times of uncertainty and crisis
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