Brett Walker

Chief Growth Officer

Brett Walker is a seasoned professional with a proven track record as a strategic leader in marketing and product management across a diverse range of industries. He has spearheaded numerous successful initiatives that have significantly boosted client revenues and market presence. His expertise is particularly noted in developing and executing strategies that enhance organizational effectiveness and drive dynamic growth, achieving as much as a tenfold increase in revenue for multiple clients within just a few years. Brett’s leadership has also been pivotal in driving the market success of four New York Times bestselling business books and leading high-impact branding campaigns.

Brett excels in transforming marketing teams into highly efficient units. He is adept at instilling competencies in strategic and tactical marketing within his teams, ensuring they possess the skills necessary to thrive in competitive environments. Brett’s hands-on approach in coaching and mentoring highlights his commitment to professional development, empowering teams through knowledge transfer and skill enhancement. 

Brett is actively involved in community service and holds various advisory and board positions. He holds a Master of Organizational Behavior degree from Brigham Young University.

“At The Energy Project, we’re harnessing relentless passion and strategic innovation to transform important initiatives. I share the belief deeply that true commitment fuels transformative change.”

– Brett Walker