Ji-Hee Cho


From those experiences, she has found that people with good work-life balance were efficient at work and had both a stable and enjoyable home and social life. Therefore, she has been constantly trying to deliver a way for others to find work-life balance.

Ji-Hee studied how exercise affects brain health at the Neuroscience Institute of Gachon University and the Cognitive Science Research Institute of Seoul National University. She constructed a cognitive exercise program for brain exercise. After her program was conducted for the elderly, the changes were examined by fMRI and cognitive tests. During the research activities, she felt that prevention programs were the most important, and has been trying to deliver these to various age groups.

Ji-Hee Cho majored in Exercise and Sport Science and Leisure Science and Psychology at Ewha Womans University. While studying these two majors in university, she wanted to know more about relationship between exercise and emotions, and decided to study it further in graduate school. She has an M.S in Exercise Psychology and is very interested in psychotherapy through exercise so she continues studying Mindbody Exercise.

In addition to research, Ji-Hee works as a Pilates instructor to deliver a healthy lifestyle such as eating habits, stress management and recovery and preventing musculoskeletal diseases. She is currently studying aromatherapy for the health and mind.

Ji-Hee enjoys doing yoga, Pilates, and skiing in the winter. She loves to travel with precious people and eat delicious food. Above all, she cherishes time with her husband and two sons.