Mahir Yilmaz

Organizational Consultant

With over two decades of valuable experience in global enterprises, Mahir Yilmaz brings a wealth of expertise to his role as an Organizational Consultant at The Energy Project. Passionate about driving change and supporting people initiatives, Mahir specializes in individual and team development. He prides himself on his ability to inspire growth, ignite change, and strive for sustainable success in individuals and organizations alike.

 Before joining The Energy Project, Mahir held various leadership positions, including Senior Manager of Business Development & Operations, where he significantly contributed to boosting long-term business success and increasing profit levels. His diverse background also includes founding and co-founding successful ventures in the coffee industry, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen.

Mahir holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Hull, along with numerous certifications in coaching, leadership, and project management. Fluent in multiple languages, Mahir is a passionate advocate for diversity and cultural exploration.

In his spare time, Mahir enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the worlds of neuroscience and politics. He finds inspiration in opera, sports, and the culinary arts, and he is a devoted enthusiast of dogs.