Garica Sanford

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Dr. Garica Sanford is an executive coach and facilitator for The Energy Project. As an executive coach, Garica partners with clients across various sectors to enhance integral leadership and transformative change at all levels. She strongly believes that authentic and self-reflective relationships with ourselves and others is the most influential agent of change for personal and professional growth. Garica has partnered with executive leaders, managers and individual contributors to strengthen individual and organizational productivity, enhance strategic planning and maximize personal and professional potential. 

Garica is also trained as a clinical psychologist and has expertise in interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral theories, complex trauma including racial and generational trauma, and complicated familial systems. Through her independent practice, The Relational Space, Garica offers culturally responsive counseling, coaching and consulting services. 

Collaboration, self-reflection, and continuous learning are foundational aspects of her practice as a leader, licensed psychologist and executive coach.

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