Kimberly Manns

Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach

Kim Manns is Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach for The Energy Project. She is deeply committed to igniting change in leaders to change culture. Her career began more than 15 years ago, in brand management at Procter and Gamble, where she led multicultural marketing for major company brands.

Following her time at Procter and Gamble, Kim served a Director of Policy and Communications for the mayor of Baltimore, and subsequently joined the staff of the Commit Partnership in Dallas, a local non-profit focused on addressing educational inequities. In each of these roles, she focused on a systems approach to decrease educational and economic disparities.

Kim runs her own consulting firm, H3Diversity, dedicated to building capacity in leaders to create inclusive cultures through executive coaching, training, and consulting.  She has also partnered with the Energy Project in the development of the Reckoning. Kim has a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University. She has a B.A. in Marketing and International Business from Georgetown University and a M.P.P. from Johns Hopkins University.

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