Thurman Webb, Ed.D

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Dr. Thurman E. Webb Jr., Ed.D, is an Executive Coach and Facilitator for the Energy Project. He is also a professor of psychology, a Licensed Therapist, and an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist.

In his independent executive coaching and mental performance consulting practice, Thurman has worked with organizations including Lincoln Financial Group, Northwestern Mutual, and Neiman Marcus, with a focus on organizational climate and effective collaboration. Thurman has worked with entertainers, executives, and professional athletes, providing custom coaching experiences centered on positively impacting their self-efficacy by increasing efficiency, performance, and productivity.

As an academic, Thurman serves as a tenured professor of psychology at Tennessee State University. He is also co-owner of Imani Behavioral Health, a multicultural team of mental health professionals providing a wide variety of therapeutic services throughout the state of Tennessee.

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