Builds capacity for greater resilience and more sustainable high performance

Reduce burnout, improve engagement, and increase retention

In a world marked by relentlessly rising demand and complexity, people at all levels in companies are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, disengaged, and at risk of burnout.

PeopleFuel is a scientifically grounded program that equips participants with essential tools to manage their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

How it works

PeopleFuel helps participants systematically increase the energy they have available to them. This begins with taking the Energy Audit, which provides participants with detailed feedback about how well they are managing energy across the four dimensions.

  • Physical. At the physical level, participants learn the value of balancing the expenditure or energy with intermittent renewal in order to get more done, in less time, more sustainably.
  • Emotional. In the emotional dimension, they learn a powerful framework for understanding the four different ways they feel across the day, as well as how shifting a different relationship with their emotions can uncover a whole new source of energy.
  • Mental. In the mental dimension, they explore the internal and external barriers to more absorbed focus and learn strategies for moving between narrow and wide focus.
  • Spiritual. Finally, they explore what matters to them most, both around their own values, and what purpose motivates them in the world.

Participants walk away with an experiment designed to close their biggest energy gap, as well as a guide to the resistance to change that almost always arises for them, along with how to work through it.

Who should attend?

PeopleFuel offers a basic set of precepts and tools that are applicable at all levels in an organization, and especially to leaders, who serve as Chief Energy Officers for those they lead.

Key outcomes

  • Greater self-awareness, especially around your energy, emotions, reactions, and resistance.
  • More effective energy management so that you can accomplish more, in less time, at a higher level of quality, and in a more sustainable way.
  • Higher Ievels of resilience, engagement, and satisfaction.
  • Less exhaustion and burnout.
  • Improved communication and relationships.
  • Recognition of habitual patterns of resistance.
  • Smoother adaptation to organizational change and disruption.

Diagnostics and tools provided

  • The Energy Audit can be used as an ongoing assessment of how fully fueled you are across the four energy dimensions.
  • The Energy Quadrants offer a rapid way to diagnose what you’re feeling, and how that’s influencing your performance and leadership.

Participants become aware of their mostly invisible resistance to change – along with how to work through it.

Program options


This program teaches leaders how to fuel their team’s energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The primary focus is on helping leaders build a balance between challenging and nurturing those they lead, so they are able to grow, develop and perform more effectively and sustainably.

How It Works

This program provides leaders with a unique opportunity to better manage and renew the energy of their teams. During this interactive workshop, participants analyze their current practices and identify the specific leadership challenges they face. Then, they learn strategies to work through conflict, develop more effective ways to provide feedback, and reconnect with their own core purpose and vision.


Key Outcomes

  • Deepen awareness of how you show up as a leader.
  • Avoid team burnout, negativity, distraction, and disengagement.
  • Better manage rising demand and diminishing resources.
  • Clarify and deepen your sense of leadership purpose
  • Build and sustain highly energized and productive teams.


This program is an eight-session journey combining teaching, discussion, and practice focused on cultivating energy and resilience in a world of increasing demand. These sessions create space for intact teams to address the key issues holding them back from full effectiveness.

How It Works

The course is an opportunity for teams to realize a different way of working and leading. They will look more deeply into their beliefs, assumptions, mindsets, and blind spots, as well as explore what it will take to create a more trusting, more collaborative, and higher-performing team.

Throughout the process, we’ll work to connect the core principles of this work to specific individual and collective development opportunities. Teams will walk away with increased awareness, stronger communication, and a vision and plan for the team they want to be and the impact they want to have.

Key Outcomes

  • Foster psychological safety to improve communication and collaboration.
  • Increase energy across four dimensions for team resilience and sustainability.
  • Balance intense tactical focus with big-picture thinking to fuel innovation.
  • Identify the biggest challenges and explore approaches to address them proactively.
  • Approach conflicts and challenges differently to learn and grow.
  • Build collective self-awareness to encourage effective prioritization and decision-making.

    PeopleFuel IntensiveTM

    This program provides the toolbox to fuel sustainable high performance and through a step-by-step, helps participant see through the barriers, blocks, blind spots and beliefs that stand in the way of making sustainable change.

    As demand and complexity continue to rise, people at all levels in organizations are struggling to keep pace.

    PeopleFuel Intensive guides participants through a journey to overcome the key barriers they have to adapting to shifting circumstances and making sustainable behavioral change in their lives.

    How It Works

    PeopleFuel Intensive is a journey that deepens, extends, and sustains the experience of the one-day PeopleFuel program, giving participants an opportunity to embed and embody the principles of managing energy, and to address the internal barriers that inevitably arise.

    In a six-week guided experience, participants begin with the one-day in-person PeopleFuel session, where they learn a powerful system for more effectively managing their energy to fuel performance, engagement, and focus.

    This introduction continues with two follow-up virtual modules where participants explore together what’s going on inside them – mostly invisibly – which stands in the way of their ability to make meaningful changes that last.

    Finally, participants have an opportunity to engage with a powerful personality typing system: the Enneagram, which identifies both their strengths and the patterns that get in their way. They begin by taking an assessment to identify their primary Enneagram type, and then have a one-on-one session to debrief their results with one of our Enneagram coaches.

    The group comes back for a final day to extend and integrate the learning about their patterns and clarify a path forward.

    PeopleFuel Intensive can be utilized for:

    • Individual development
    • Team applications
    • Leadership development

    Key Outcomes

    • Increased resilience and sustainability through more effective energy management across four dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
    • Increased emotional well-being and improved communication through increased their awareness of their emotions.
    • More effective and appopriate management of emotional triggers, by learning how to self-regulate in stressful situations.
    • Increased productivity, creativity, and efficiency through development of strategies for cultivating absorbed attention, and balancing tactical focus with big-picture thinking.
    • A deeper sense of clarity and groundedness by gaining insight into the ways you defend yourself.
    • Increased ability to overcome resistance in making changes that last.

    What leaders say about PeopleFuel

    I found that People Fuel really fuels the organization. It enables your people to evaluate where they are from a mental, a physical and an emotional perspective and also to do a check on “Am I living the purpose that I want to live.”

    Abbe Luersman

    Former CHRO, Ahold Delhaise, EVP and Chief People Officer, Otis Elevator

    Our employees had a chance to experience PeopleFuel to help recharge, work on our individual resilience and find that missing balance. I would recommend PeopleFuel to any organization or team that needs their batteries recharged.

    Andy Shimberg

    CEO, Crucial Learning (formerly VitalSmarts)

    Being able to perform at the very top of your profession requires a deliberate approach on how you recharge your energy. We worked closely with The Energy Project to help our partners develop key energy habits that would allow them to perform at their best in a sustainable fashion.

    Matthias Birk

    Global Director of Partner Development, White & Case

    I have a firm belief that a business should grow its brand and its people in an equal manner. Renewal is the prerequisite for sound business decisions. The impact of The Energy Project on me is profound, durable and is making me a better person beyond a better leader.

    Laurent Kleitman

    Former President, Coty Consumer Beauty, current Group CEO, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

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