An intensive journey to a whole new level of leadership

The world around you

is changing transformationally.

Are your leaders keeping pace?

How do these questions resonate with you?


  • Are your leaders contending with more stakeholders making more demands and airing their grievances more publicly and loudly than ever before?
  • Do your leaders spend their days mostly in reactive mode, with too little time for reflection and renewal?
  • Are your leaders addicted to the dopamine hits they get from all the action and activity in their lives?
  • Do your leaders feel the life they’re living is sustainable – and worth the price they’re paying?

Here’s how past participants of QuantumLeap
describe their experience.

Only by understanding yourself more deeply can you bring the best of who you are to the most vexing challenges you face.

Launching your journey

QuantumLeap™ is an intensive six-month leadership journey to the heart of what shaped you, fuels you, and stands in your way. Above all, it offers a clear path to connecting with the best of who you are.

This journey is not for everyone. QuantumLeap is specifically designed for leaders who sense a growing gap between the relentlessly rising complexity of the world they’re navigating and their own capacity. It’s an invitation to leaders who imagine that their lives could be more satisfying, purposeful, and complete.

To become a great leader in these fractious times, the first challenge is to become a bigger human being. That requires seeing more and feeling more. It means actively challenging what’s holding you back. Only by understanding yourself more deeply can you bring your best to the most vexing challenges you face.

You are so much more than you think. A complete leader draws on four centers of intelligence: not just the mind, but also the heart, the body, and the spirit. QuantumLeap isn’t built on clever hacks, quick fixes, or best practices, all of which address symptoms without ever rooting out their underlying cause. This work is about discovering all of who you are.

What our clients are saying

Listen to how our work has helped these leaders transform the way they lead and live.


Geoffroy von Raemdonck

CEO, Neiman Marcus Group


Phoebe Boyer

President & CEO,
Children's Aid


Gaurdie Banister

Chair, Russell Reynolds Associates


Dr. Yohana Quiroz

Chief Operations Officer, Felton Institute



Ted Kohnen

Park & Battery


Eric Severson

Chief People Officer,
Neiman Marcus Group


Michael Johnson

Executive Vice-President,


Jamie Bruning-Miles

President & CEO,
YMCA of San Francisco


Georgia Boothe

Executive Vice-President,
Children's Aid


Willis Weirich

Chief Supply Chain Officer,
SRS Distribution

Bridging your inner and outer worlds

To live a more whole and integrated life requires building a bridge between your inner world and your outer world. The truth will ultimately set you free, but the challenge is how much of it you can tolerate on the road to freedom. “The only way out,” wrote Robert Frost, “is through.”

Our most difficult struggles originate inside us, but they’ re also the gateway to our deepest wisdom and the fullest range of our resources. We meet you where you are, and then we help you discover where you most want to go, and who you’re most deeply called to become.

A good leader can solve technical problems. A great leader transforms lives and organizations. Imagine the leader you could be if you were consistently able to access your wisest, calmest, and most open-hearted self.

Core Wisdom

At the heart of our programs is a whole new operating system grounded in something we call
core wisdom.


Areas of focus

QuantumLeap is divided into the following sections:


In this first session, we cover what you can expect from your experience, and answer your initial questions. You will also meet your program facilitators and individual coach, and you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about each of the participants in your cohort.

Managing your energy

Two virtual sessions focused on more skillfully fueling and renewing your energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In a world characterized by overload and overwhelm, this is foundational work necessary to building your capacity.

Deeper dive

In this section, we rigorously investigate the resistance that arises whenever we attempt to make change. Specifically, we explore your multiple selves – the child, your defenders and your core self, as well as the four centers of intelligence: the mind, the heart, the body, and the spirit. We also address the shaping influences in what drives you and what holds you back.

Wider perspective

This section focuses on how you were socialized and how you relate to others as a result. Here you take your learnings about yourself into your relationships in the world. As we grow up, we are influenced by our primary caregivers and then by our peers, community, schools, and places of worship. We’re also influenced by our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and education. All of these affect the degree to which we feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, navigate power and powerlessness, and deal with rupture and repair in our relationships.

Longer horizon

In this final section, we revisit the journey you’ve taken – the blind spots you’ve uncovered, they ways your identity has shifted, what you’ve been able to accept in yourself, and what challenges remain. This is the path of liberation – opening up to a whole new world inside you, so you can bring more of yourself to the outside world.
The journey to liberation doesn’t end because you’ve begun to wake up. It commences anew every day. Your learning continues after our formal work together concludes. To support your continuing growth, we offer our alumni an ongoing connection with fellow travelers who have taken the same journey you have, and a lifetime of ever – expanding resources

Our facilitators and coaches

Katherine Bailey

Emily Pines

Katherine Bailey

Thurman Webb

Jane Strong

Eren Rosenfeld

Tony Schwartz

Kim Ward Gaffney

Katherine Bailey

Emily Pines

Katherine Bailey

Thurman Webb

Jane Strong

Eren Rosenfeld

Tony Schwartz

Kim Ward Gaffney

Program overview

  • Two 2-day in-person intensives held in cities convenient to the mix of each cohort’s participants. These sessions allow for deep immersion and interaction around the key ideas, frameworks, and practices in highly diverse cohorts in which you will be exposed to multiple perspectives and experiences.
  • Six three-hour virtual sessions, scheduled at approximately one-month intervals. Here we deepen your learning, check in on your progress and the obstacles you’ve encountered, and introduce new content.
  • Between monthly sessions, optional one-hour virtual study groups for anyone seeking more frequent interaction, and more input from your cohort and your facilitators.
  • Twelve one-on-one individual coaching sessions scheduled every other week for the duration of the program. The goal is to help you deepen your awareness and reflective capacity, relax your resistance to change, facilitate adoption of new behaviors, and grapple with barriers that have arisen. This is not traditional executive coaching. Our coaches are deeply trained in the QuantumLeap curriculum, and they are committed to applying these concepts in their own lives.
You will also be able to take advantage of these additional resources:


  • Diagnostics including the Energy Audit, a QuantumLeap leadership assessment, and the Enneagram, an ancient personality-typing system. The Enneagram provides deep insight into what drives you and how you instinctively tend to show up, both under stress and at your best.
  • Weekly ‘experiments’ to guide you in putting concepts into practice and building new muscles that change the way you show up as a leader in real time.
  • A workbook/journal that includes the key ideas to which you’ll be introduced, as well as questions to answer about your experiences along the way.
  • A confidential cohort “group chat” to share real – time updates and epiphanies and get ongoing support as you try out new behaviors as a leader, and in the rest of your life.

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