Enabling transformation by addressing the invisible human factors that stand in its way.

Over the past 16 years, The Energy Project has worked with dozens of the world’s leading organizations, helping them to create workforces that are more engaged, energized, resilient and sustainably high performing. We teach employees to better manage their own energy, leaders to more skillfully manage the energy of those they lead, and we surface the blocks and blind spots that stand in the way of solving the most intractable business problems.

Building a high performing culture amidst a complex merger.
Ahold Delhaize
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Working to reduce burnout and turnover.
Large Healthcare Organization
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Planning to grow employee engagement to 75% by 2020.
Schneider Electric
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Decreasing high potentials turnover from 25% to 3%.
Global Software and Services Pioneer
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Helping you meet people’s core needs to drive higher performance.

In a study The Energy Project conducted with the Harvard Business Review of 15,000 employees around the world, we found a strong correlation between how people feel when their core needs are met, and how they perform. The more that companies invested in meeting their people’s needs — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — the more engaged, focused, satisfied, and loyal they became. When all four needs were met, people were 1.25 times more engaged, more than twice as focused, and 2.5 times more likely to remain at the company.

Discover how increasing people’s capacity influences their performance.
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