See More. Be More.

In a world characterized by ever increasing complexity, the human resources we’ve relied on to solve the most vexing problems are falling short.

The most sophisticated technical skills are increasingly being commoditized by advances in technology and artificial intelligence. More than ever, we need to cultivate the uniquely human qualities that computers lack.

To prosper in a fiercely competitive world, organizations must invest in developing not just their people’s external skills, but their internal ones as well.

At the most basic level, development is about seeing more – building a perspective and a world view that gets progressively wider and deeper. Instead, our inner lives remain largely opaque to us – terra incognita – a vast unexplored territory full of unrealized potential.

Seeing more is no easy task. It requires continuously disrupting ourselves – and the organizations we work for – by pushing beyond our current comfort zone, seeing through our blind spots, challenging our most cherished assumptions and owning our limitations alongside our strengths.

In that spirit, we need to regularly ask ourselves questions like these:

  • How could the opposite of what I believe also be true?
  • Where am I telling myself stories and mistaking them for facts?
  • What is my role and responsibility in any conflict I find myself in?
  • What qualities have I failed to cultivate and value at the expense of their balancing opposites?

Evolution is a revolutionary act.   What is it you are not seeing, and who could you become if you did?

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