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We partner with organizations to create workplaces that are healthier, happier, more focused and more purposeful.



We help organizations build policies, practices, communication tools, facilities, and internal communities that support a better way of working.

Organizational Consulting Process

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    Using proprietary quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools, including The Energy Audit for Organizations, we audit the organization in order to establish baselines, define the problem, identify the solution and set benchmarks.

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    We align with the client around targets, design and implement an action plan, test and tweak assumptions, and eliminate obstacles to success, while training the organization in phases.

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    We help measure and sustain gains in capacity and further embed in the community new policies, practices and norms, as individual and group rituals become habits.

Susan Kelliher on Organizational Consulting
Ron Zumstein on culture change


We help individuals understand the costs of their current energy management behaviors, and introduce them to a systematic set of strategies and practices to build more capacity. We help leaders to act as Chief Energy Officers – mobilizing, focusing, inspiring, and regularly renewing the energy of those they lead.


Our PeopleFuel program addresses individual capacity as the foundation for sustainable high performance. Through a highly interactive, two-and a half day modular workshop, the curriculum teaches individuals the behaviors that fuel their physical energy, increase their emotional resilience, sharpen their capacity for focus, and strengthen their sense of purpose. First participants take

The Energy Audit™, which helps them to better understand the costs of their current behaviors. By increasing awareness and building deeply-embedded Energy Rituals – highly specific behaviors done at precise times – participants make behavior changes that last, so that they can be fully engaged when they're working, and truly renewing when they're not.


By virtue of their authority, leaders have a dramatic impact on the energy of those they lead. In the face of increasing demand and diminishing resources, leaders are struggling to effectively build and sustain engaged, productive teams. LeaderFuel is an intensive one-day workshop following participation in our core curriculum, PeopleFuel. The program teaches leaders how to become

Chief Energy Officers, taking responsibility for fueling their team’s energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The course challenges deep-seated assumptions about what it means to be a leader and arms participants with the core capacities necessary to lead sustainably high-performing teams in the modern age.

Train the Trainer

Mobilize internal trainers to energize your employees with our train the trainer program.

Custom Certification

A dedicated event for trainers at a single organization, Custom Certification creates an intimate learning environment that provides additional support and focuses on how to deliver the content in a way that best addresses the specific challenges of the organization, and is attuned to its unique culture.

Open Enrollment Certification

Open to individuals in any organization by application, this train-the trainer is conducted onsite at The Energy Project. It allows organizations that want to certify a smaller number of trainers to do so in a group setting with participants from other organizations

David Klanecky on PeopleFuel at Albemarle
Raphael Crawford on managing energy


In our keynotes, we introduce audiences to a set of energy management principles that opens their eyes to a new way of working and changes forever the way they view their lives, on and off the job.

Fueling Sustainable High Performance

Building Capacity in a World of Relentless Demand

Think for a moment about your typical workday. Do you wake most days still feeling sleep-deprived? Check your email before you get out of bed? Run from meeting to meeting with no time in between?

The way we're working isn’t working.

The Energy Project’s expert speakers will introduce participants to a scientifically based approach to building capacity and give them a roadmap for how to move from the Survival and Burnout Zones into the Performance Zone.

Becoming a Chief Energy Officer

Leading Sustainable High Performance

The prevailing wisdom is to play to your strengths, however a strength overused eventually becomes a liability. Honesty in the absence of compassion is cruelty. Courage without prudence becomes recklessness.

Energy Experts will build awareness around the key opposites all big leaders must learn to balance and share strategies to help them integrate the learnings into their management practices.

Tony Schwartz

Performance Zone

Annie Perrin


Annie Perrin

Managing Stress

Andrew Deutscher

Our Current State
The transformative power of this work lies in its ability to help very smart and already high-performing people change their current behaviors to be even more effective, fulfilled and connected to others. It delivers results because the foundations of good leadership are self-awareness and thoughtful action, and these ideas can be truly life-changing for both. Evan Wittenberg, SVP, People at Box.com