Combat Overwhelm and Burnout

The current reality:

“Overloaded, anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted.”

This is what we’re hearing from most often when we ask people in our programs they are feeling. These are also all signs of burnout, a syndrome described by the World Health Organization as the inevitable consequence of prolonged, unmanaged stress.

Allostatic Overload” is what happens when the demand exceeds our capacity. Between the Covid pandemic,  job and economic uncertainty, struggles with parenting and child care, political polarization, and the frightening 24-hour news cycle, we’re all feeling pushed to our limits, and often past them.

What fuels better:

The pandemic has taught organizations that focusing on the well-being and mental health of their employees is no longer optional. It’s critical both to their survival and effectiveness, and to organizational performance.  Through a mix of assessments, a scientific framework for managing personal energy, and a set of clear practices,  individually and organizationally, we help our clients to build resilience, avoid burnout and get more work accomplished, in less time, at a higher level of quality, and more sustainably.

  • Drawing on the multidimensional science of high-performance, we teach individuals and organizations how to more skillfully manage their energy in four key dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (the energy of purpose).
  • We teach leaders how to serve as Chief Energy Officers, by role-modeling sustainable work practices and self-care, normalizing a full range of emotions and supporting their people in taking better care of themselves, so they can take better care of those they serve.
  • We provide a shared language around energy management which fuels the adoption of new ways of working adoption throughout organizations.

Featured Programs, Tools and Modules

We draw from a large range of programs, tools and modules to create sustained learning journey that changes behavior and makes the learning stick.

Fuel Better

We can help you embed a systematic approach to resilience across your organization to combat burnout and help your people thrive.