Combat Overwhelm and Burnout

The current reality:

[1] Spring Health. Burnout Nation: How 2020 has reshaped employees’ relationship to work. December 2020.

What fuels better:

The pandemic has taught organizations that focusing on the well-being of their people is no longer optional. It’s critical to their survival, effectiveness, and performance. Through a mix of assessments, a scientific framework for managing personal energy, and a set of clear practices to build resilience, we help teams feel and fuel better so they can get more high quality work done without sacrificing their mental health. We teach:
  • Both individuals and organizations how to more skillfully manage their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy
  • A shared language around energy management which fuels new ways of working throughout organizations
  • Leaders how to serve as Chief Energy Officers by modeling, normalizing and encouraging sustainable work practices and self-care

Featured Programs, Tools and Modules

We draw from a large range of programs, tools and modules to create sustained learning journey that changes behavior and makes the learning stick.

Disruption, Meet Your Match

We can help you embed a systematic approach to resilience across your organization to combat burnout and help your people thrive.