Lead in Crisis

The current reality:

Fatigue, fear and overwhelm undermine our ability to think clearly and creatively, solve problems, connect with team members, and make the best and most informed decisions.

How leaders respond emotionally in crisis influences profoundly influences how their teams show up and perform. By virtue of their disproportionate influence on those they lead -- and because emotions are contagious -- leaders necessarily also serve as Chief Energy Officers, for better and for worse.

What fuels better:

Resilience is the ability to function effectively and sustainably even under the most difficult circumstances. Doing so requires not just to focus on the work at hand, but also on creating cultures that value rest and renewal.

Our work to help support leaders in turbulent times includes:

  • Teaching them to recognize the difference between operating from the ”Performance Zone” and the “Survival Zone,”and the impact on those they lead.
  • Role-modeling best practices and strategies for self-care and self-regulation.
  • Constantly challenging current mindset, fixed beliefs, biases, and blind spots to see more and exclude less

Featured Programs, Tools and Modules

We draw from a large range of programs, tools and modules to create sustained learning journey that changes behavior and makes the learning stick.

Fuel Better

We can help you embed a systematic approach to resilience across your organization to combat burnout and help your people thrive.