Increase Productivity and Motivation

The current reality:

“It takes me twice as much effort to produce the same amount of work as before. It’s hard to stay focused with everything going on all around me.”

In the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, this is a common lament we hear from individuals across multiple businesses who are feeling run down, anxious, overwhelmed, and distracted. They’re struggling with working from home, while also parenting, keeping their families healthy, and dealing with evolving job responsibilities.  At the same time, organizations are facing severe disruption to their businesses, increased financial pressures and changing market needs. They require greater agility and even higher performance from their people, in order to successfully navigate the challenges they’re facing.

What fuels better:

Empowerment and Motivation. Our work makes it possible for organizations to fuel higher focus, productivity, and sustainability by providing their people with the tools to access their best by more skillfully managing their own energy – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Strategies we use include;

  • Building awareness of the Performance Pulse, meaning  the optimal balance of energy expenditure and energy renewal.
  • Providing emotional self-regulation tools to help people sustain or return to the Performance Zone, characterized by high positive energy.
  • Building focused “sprints” into the workday, in order to maximize periods of highly absorbed focus.
  • Connecting people to their own deeply held values and to a purpose beyond their self-interest, so that they experience higher sense of meaning and satisfaction from the work they’re doing.

Featured Programs, Tools and Modules

We draw from a large range of programs, tools and modules to create sustained learning journey that changes behavior and makes the learning stick.

Fuel Better

We can help you embed a systematic approach to resilience across your organization to combat burnout and help your people thrive.