Re:New Normal

In an uncertain and often overwhelming world, it’s time for organizations to value not just getting things done, but also the rest, renewal and overall well-being of their employees.

The Path Forward

Conventional Wisdom: More, bigger, faster is always better

Real Wisdom: More, bigger, faster is a prescription for breakdown and burnout

Our work focuses on helping leaders and their teams to:

  • Understand that all human beings require four sources of energy – physical, emotional mental and spiritual (the energy of purpose) – in order to perform at their best.
  • Introduce the four energy states we all move between– the Performance Zone, the Survival Zone, the Burnout Zone and the Renewal Zone.
  • Build a long-term resilience plan grounded in energy renewal behaviors that become positive rituals over time.
  • Recognize and challenge blind spots, beliefs, and assumptions, as well as biases, fears, and defenses.

“The work was a powerful, practical experience for each of us to truly check in with ourselves and each other. It gave us language, insight and inspiration to transform fear and anxiety into courage and connection.

– Robert Freese, Director of People Advisory Services, EY

Disruption, Meet Your Match

Do your people have the multidimensional energy they need to perform in the midst a crisis – and eventually a post-Covid reality?