Building Resilience

A blueprint for increasing tolerance for daily stressors

How it works

In today's rapidly changing world, most of us spend a lot of energy trying to adapt. Building Resilience provides participants with easy-to-use tools that can help them prepare for whatever happens next. Beginning with a focus on refueling day -to-day, the course then explores strategies for avoiding emotional reactivity in trying moments and discusses the role of perspective in maintaining resilience in the face of the most challenging circumstances.

Key outcomes:

  • An awareness of the people and events who consistently trigger negative emotions and our reactions to them
  • Proven strategies for lowering reactivity in the face of emotional triggers
  • Methods for reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of emotional triggers
  • Tools for working through negative emotions when they feel overwhelming
  • A toolkit of practices that serve to fuel and maintain resilience in the face of constant stressors

Delivery Options

Virtual Instructor-led

Large Group Webinars



PeopleFuel is Change Fuel. It radically changed my team's mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.

-Head of Customer Service, Global Software and Services Pioneer

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