Defining Purpose

A step-by-step process to help you answer the big questions in life: who are you and what do you really want.

How It Works

Connecting your day-to-day life to something that is meaningful and important provides a powerful source of energy. In this course, we help you do this — to find your purpose — by first discussing how to better understand purpose and what kinds of activities bring a sense of fulfillment. Then, we delve into how you can find purpose from your values, and finally, we build an experiment to help you practice your 'why' in your everyday life.

Key Results

  • Hone in on your why — the mission toward which your actions are directed, which is a powerful source of fuel
  • Examine your skills, talents, and values both lived and aspirational to reveal why you do what you do
  • Build a preliminary statement of purpose that you can add to over time



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