Helping leaders manage the energy of those they lead

LeaderFuel® is a program that teaches leaders how to fuel their team’s energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The primary focus is on helping leaders build a balance between challenging and nurturing those they lead, so they are able to grow, develop and perform more effectively and sustainably.

How It Works

LeaderFuel® provides leaders with a unique opportunity to better manage and renew the energy of their teams. During this interactive workshop, participants analyze their current practices and identify the specific leadership challenges they face. Then, they learn strategies to work through conflict, develop more effective ways to provide feedback, and reconnect with their own core purpose and vision.

Key Outcomes

  • Deepen awareness of how you show up as a leader
  • Avoid team burnout, negativity, distraction, and disengagement
  • Better manage rising demand and diminishing resources
  • Clarify and deepen a sense of leadership purpose
  • Build and sustain highly energized and productive teams

Delivery Options

Virtual Instructor-led

Large Group Webinars





PeopleFuel is Change Fuel. It radically changed my team's mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.

- Vice President, Customer Service

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