PeopleFuel® Foundations

An introduction to energy management

How It Works

PeopleFuel Foundations introduces participants to the key principles of energy management, why it’s important, and what it means to manage it effectively across four dimensions –physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - in order to fuel sustainable high performance.

Key Results

  • Increase their awareness of their personal energy- where their current energy levels are high and where they may be depleted.
  • Understand the connection between how they feel - in each dimension of energy ­and how they perform.
  • Gain new insights into increasing personal engagement and cultivating the infectious energy state in which everyone performs at their best

Delivery Options

Virtual Instructor-led

Large Group Webinars



PeopleFuel is Change Fuel. It radically changed my team's mindset about transformation. From being bewildered and beleaguered, they became energized and passionate about forging their future.

-Head of Customer Service, Global Software and Services Pioneer

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