Sustainable Resilience
in a World of Overwhelm

A powerful, new workshop that delivers calm in the continuing storm. You can’t control what happens around you, but you can influence how you feel internally and how you respond externally.

How It Works

We’re moving into the homestretch of a year that has felt challenging, stressful, and even overwhelming for most of us – in the workplace and beyond. As you prepare for 2024, how do you find calm in the center of the storm that continues to rage around you?

You can’t control what happens in the outer world, but you can influence the way you feel on the inside, and how you respond as a result.

Sustainable Resilience in a World of Overwhelm offers a powerful way to ease your foot off the pedal, better regulate your nervous system, clear your mind, quiet your body, and take back more control of your life so you can bring the best of yourself to whatever challenge you’re facing.

The workshop focuses on what’s standing in your way internally – including blind spots, fixed beliefs, old habits, persistent fears, and myriad rationalizations – that prevents you from showing up at your best externally.

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Program Overview

A 90-minute, expert-facilitated program for teams engaging both small and large audiences with scalable, interactive segments that produce individual and collective awareness.

Participants Will

  • Understand your automatic stress responses in order to shift from reactivity to reflective choice, allowing for more rational decision-making and effective communication.
  • Identify and manage internal “defenders” that arise during challenging situations in order to reduce workplace conflicts and improve collaboration.
  • Recognize the role of quieting your body in order to calm your mind and your emotions.
  • Connect to the calmest, most capable part of yourself and put it back in charge to improve your performance, and the performance of those you lead.
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“Our cross-functional relationships are stronger and more trusting, we make faster, better, more aligned decisions, and this improved team performance has had a measurable impact on our teams and our business.”

Eric Severson, Chief People & Belonging Officer, Neiman Marcus