A step-by-step process for teams to re-energize, build awareness, and connect with themselves and with each other allowing them to set a vision for the team they want to be and the impact they want to have.

How It Works

TeamFuel is an 8-session journey combining teaching, discussion, and practice focused on cultivating energy and resilience in a world of increasing demand. These sessions create space for teams to address the key issues holding them back from full effectiveness.

The course is an opportunity for teams to consider a different way of working and leading. They will look more deeply into their beliefs, assumptions, mindsets, and blind spots, as well as explore what it will take to create a more trusting, more collaborative, and higher-performing team.

Throughout the process, we’ll work to connect the core principles of this work to specific individual and collective development opportunities. Teams will walk away with increased awareness, stronger communication, and a vision and plan for the team they want to be and the impact they want to have.

Key Outcomes

  • Foster psychological safety to drive communication and collaboration
  • Increase energy across four dimensions for team resilience and sustainability
  • Balance intense tactical focus with big-picture thinking to fuel innovation
  • Identify the biggest challenges and explore approaches to address them proactively
  • Approach conflicts and challenges differently to learn and grow
  • Build collective self-awareness to encourage effective prioritization and decision-making

Delivery Options

Virtual Instructor-led



Let’s Talk

We’ll partner with you to customize a blended solution that ties to your strategic priorities and can scale across your organization.