Navigating a World of Overload

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Tue, 11/15/22
Tue, 11/29/22
Tue, 12/6/22

How It Works

In the face of uncertainty and threat, we often become overwhelmed and respond reactively. Navigating a World of Overload provides participants with practical methods for tapping into the most capable and resilient part of themselves so they can better navigate through any inevitable storms.

We'll explore the tools necessary for regulating our emotions and build a long-term self-care plan aimed at strengthening your awareness, resilience, and ongoing well-being.

Program Overview

A 90-minute, expert-facilitated program for teams engaging both small and large audiences with scalable, interactive segments that produce individual and collective awareness.

Participants Will

  • Experience The Energy Audit® for Individuals revealing how well people are managing their own energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Develop resilience rituals to strengthen the immune system, increase emotional reserves, and improve the quality and clarity of decision making
  • Understand how moving into "Survival mode" - fight-or-flight - dramatically diminishes our capacity
  • Utilize a set of specific self-regulation tools and strategies to deal with fear and overwhelm when they arise in the moment

Delivery Options

  • 90-Minute Program
  • The Energy Audit® for Individuals
  • Small Group Breakout Sessions
  • Delivered Virtually
  • Up to 50 Participants
  • 90-Minute Program
  • The Energy Audit® for Individuals
  • Live, Interactive Segments
  • Delivered Virtually and In-Person
  • Up to 1000 Participants

“The workshop was a powerful, practical experience for each of us to truly check in with ourselves and each other. It gave us language, insight and inspiration to transform fear and anxiety into courage and connection."

- Robert Freese, Director of People Advisory Services, EY