Arjun Sahdev

Growth Manager

Arjun is Growth Manager at The Energy Project, focused on planning, developing and initiating marketing strategies across the business to help widen our scope and grow our portfolio.

Arjun brings together a blend of creative thinking with a data-driven, analytical approach, that is backed by curiosity. These qualities have been cultivated through his time as both an investment banker and entrepreneur.

Prior to The Energy Project, Arjun worked for two leading investment banks in the challenging world of sales and trading. His experiences and desire for more purpose, balance and a deeper impact led him to the world of entrepreneurship. Arjun quickly realised his passion for wanting to pay forward the deeper lessons he learnt as a burnt-out member of the corporate world; as well as wanting to shift some of the ways corporations think about holistic health and wellness. This path led to him founding a successful start-up in the wellness space, where he focused on growth and business development. Arjun’s background enables him to combine his insights of the corporate world and his tenacious drive for business, with his passion to improve the way we work in the digital age.


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