Barbara Hockstader

Vice President, Product Strategy

Barbara Hockstader is the Vice President, Product Strategy at The Energy Project. Barbara brings to The Energy Project a deep background in developing workplace learning programs in the education space, where the only certainty is uncertainty. In her Product Strategy role, Barbara and her team are combining Design Thinking and Agile methodologies to iterate our consulting methodology and our product suite.

Before joining The Energy Project, Barbara consulted in the K12 education technology space on building authentic partnerships between education technology vendors and their K12 clients. Prior to consulting, Barbara was a member of the founding leadership team at Schoolnet, an education technology startup, where Barbara built the company’s first client services, professional development, and consulting organizations.  When Schoolnet was acquired by Pearson, Barbara led Pearson’s brand strategy related to personalized learning and also introduced strategic marketing programs designed to increase customer loyalty.

Barbara is a learner, a parent, an advisor, and a facilitator. She is the founder and leader of a First Lego League Robotics program in NYC Public Schools, serves as an advisor to the Carey Institute for Global Good, and is the mom of two elementary school aged boys.

Barbara and her family split their lives between Manhattan and the Berkshires, where they love to run, hike, swim, cook, play outside, and explore.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

Because I’m convinced that collectively, we can transcend the “me” culture to flourish as a global “we” culture.  I’m excited to be part of a revolution that inspires a kinder, more harmonious, and integrated approach to living and working.

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