Deanna Hutchings

Project Manager

Deanna Hutchings is a Project Manager for The Energy Project UK.  In her role, Deanna ensures all programmes are delivered with The Energy Project’s high standards and supports programmes with clients on site.

Before joining The Energy Project UK, Deanna spent 23 years at Sony Europe within Human Resources supporting the Vice President with conferences and meetings in the UK and across Europe.  Her final role was as Talent & Resourcing Manager, where she was responsible for the Sony Graduate Programme, Expatriates and identifying both key talent and key roles across Europe.

Deanna worked closely with The Energy Project UK for over eight years and was involved supporting the executive programme for Sony and subsequent rollout within Europe before joining the team.  She brings a wealth of background knowledge and understanding of the full product range and the client experience.


Why do you work for The Energy Project?

Being part of a team who can inspire and encourage others to make a difference in both their work and personal life.

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